Friday, October 15, 2010

Processing Payroll at the End of a Period

Processing and closing payroll periods in Virtual TimeClock can be performed quickly and easily by following a few simple steps.

Review Employee Timecards
The first step is to view or print employee timecards for the current period. Click the Timecard toolbar icon in the main window of your employee time clock software. This will automatically compile a timecard for each individual worker's hours and overtime for the current payroll period.

Edit Employee Hours
Next you'll need to correct missed punch times and add manual entries. You may need to edit an entry to correct a missed punch time, or add a manual entry to give an employee credit for working offsite or for paid time off. Click the Entry Editor toolbar icon in the main window of your payroll time clock software to select entries for editing or to add manual entries.

Process Payroll
Virtual TimeClock offers payroll integration with several popular online and desktop payroll software systems. This allows you to export a specially formatted time clock file that makes your payroll process easier, more accurate, and less time consuming. If you're nor set up for payroll integration, it's still easy to print a report of hours worked for manual entry into your payroll system, or reporting to your payroll processor. From the Reports menu, choose Timecard Summary.

Close Payroll Period
Once all hours for the payroll period have been entered, reviewed, and corrected as necessary the payroll period should be closed. From the Tools menu, choose Close Payroll Period. Closing the payroll period will cause Virtual TimeClock to write the total hours, overtime, and gross wages for the current payroll period to your time clock software database. It will also advance the current payroll period using your payroll cycle settings.

We've written a complete guide to help you prepare your employee hours for payroll processing and start a new payroll period.

Jeff Morrow
Technical Support Team

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