Thursday, October 7, 2010

Network Time Clocks Made Easy

If you're looking into the Network Edition of our employee time clock software, remember that there are 2 separate software downloads that you'll need. The Virtual TimeClock Server is designed to run securely as a background process on a single computer on your computer network. The Virtual TimeClock Pro Client connects to the Virtual TimeClock Server over the network and lets the TimeClock Server handle all the database processing and file management. Install the Network Edition when you need advanced Pro level features and unlimited employee access from multiple computers.

You should only need to access your TimeClock Server program rarely, like to update your license keys or check logs. You'll need a TimeClock Client on every computer that needs a computer time clock for punching in and out, printing timecards, and performing administrative activities like correcting missed punch times or adding employee sick days.

So to recap, the TimeClock Server program gets installed on 1 computer, the TimeClock Pro Client software gets installed on all the other computers (you can even install a Timeclock Client on the same computer as the TimeClock Server). We've got detailed time clock software installation instructions to help you out every step of the way.

Maggie Hofer
Customer Service Team

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