Friday, June 18, 2010

Registering Your Time Clock Software

It's important to register your new Virtual TimeClock software soon after purchasing so you can continue to use it without interruption. For those of you who've taken advantage of the free time clock software evaluation, entering your license key turns your free time clock software trial into your permanent time and attendance solution. How easy is that?! There's nothing new to download and you don't have to rekey your employee information all over again.

After processing your order, we'll send you a custom software license key via email. Be sure to follow the step-by-step instructions in your license email for entering your new license key, since they may be different depending on which edition of the time clock software you're using. Your company name and address information must be entered into Virtual TimeClock exactly as it appears on your software license email, this includes capitalization and punctuation.

You should receive a confirmation dialog stating that your software has been successfully activated. If your license activation fails, you'll always receive a very specific message telling you the reason why. It's usually because the company name or address doesn't match, or you're trying to register a different edition of the software than what you purchased the license for.

Maggie Hofer
Time Clock Software Customer Service

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