Thursday, June 10, 2010

Automatic Time Deductions

Virtual TimeClock employee time clock software has a great feature called Time Deductions that allows you to automatically deduct unpaid lunch or break time without requiring employees to clock out. Even better, a different time deduction rule can be assigned to each individual worker. This makes it easy to apply different time deduction rules to different types of employees. For example, maybe you want to automatically deduct lunch breaks for your warehouse workers, but require your office employees to clock in and out for their lunch breaks. New time deduction rules can be setup at anytime from the Lists menu within your time and attendance software.

Automatic time deductions are included on worker timecards with other time clock entries for the payroll period. The amount of the time deduction will be displayed in the unpaid hours column of the worker timecard.

Since employees aren't punching out for lunches, if they happen to work through their lunch break the automatic time deduction will still occur. Here's an easy way to make sure employees still get paid for working during their scheduled lunch break. First, create a new activity called something like 'Working Lunch' and set the type to manual entries only. Now, whenever an employee works through lunch you can add a manual entry for 'Working Lunch' for the time they remained at the office. This will offset the automatic lunch deduction so employee timecards reflect correct daily and weekly overtime totals.

Jeff Morrow
Time Clock Software Specialist

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