Thursday, August 22, 2013

Scripted Time Clock Installations

The Virtual TimeClock installer can be run from a command line and accepts some parameters to assist in scripted installation. This is especially helpful when you need to install a large number of time clock clients. Here are the most common parameters.

Disables the This will install... Do you wish to continue? startup prompt at the beginning of installation. The parameter includes the trailing dash ( - ).

Instructs the installation to be silent or very silent. A silent install does not show the wizard or the background window. It does display the installation progress window. A very silent install doesn't show the progress window in addition to the two windows suppressed by the SILENT parameter. In either case, any error messages that occur during installation are displayed. /SILENT and /VERYSILENT do not suppress the startup prompt (above).

Suppress message boxes during installation. Only has an effect when combined with /SILENT and /VERYSILENT. Any message boxes that would have been displayed are responded to in the following fashion:

  • Keep newer file? = yes - newer files are kept
  • File exists, confirm overwrite. = no - files are not overwritten
  • Abort or Retry? = Abort - process is ended
  • Retry/Cancel? = Cancel - process is canceled
  • Warnings about low disk space, directories existing (or not), exit the setup program, confirmation of uninstallation, etc. = Yes - continue the operation
  • Setup or uninstall completed, and restart needed = Yes - restart the computer

Here are some examples of these parameters in action that you may find useful. These examples are using the Pro Client installer.

Install the program without displaying any of the standard prompts, i.e. install location, but still show the progress, and verify the user wants to perform the install: TimeClockProClientSetup.exe /silent

To avoid asking the user to confirm, but still show progress: TimeClockProClientSetup.exe /SP- /silent

Confirm that the user wants to perform the install, but show no other progress: TimeClockProClientSetup.exe /verysilent

Skip the confirmation, and don't show any other progress: TimeClockProClientSetup.exe /SP- /verysilent

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