Thursday, April 14, 2011

Changing Your Time Clock Software Admin Password

The employee time clock software administrator has unlimited access to all time clock program functions. This means a time clock administrator can edit and view hours for any employee, can open any user mailbox, and can view all user wage and employment information. We recommend not sharing the administrative password with anyone because it makes it difficult to use the built-in audit logging features of Virtual TimeClock. The nice thing is that you can have more than one time clock administrator, each with his or her own unique password.

Since all passwords are tied to a particular user account, you'll need to open the Users list window to update the administrator password. An optional way to update your admin password is to go to the Tools menu and choose Change Password. Select your name and enter your existing password, then enter your new password and confirm it.

If you've forgotten your admin password, then contact time clock software support and we'll help you gain administrative access to your employee time clock software once again.

Jeff Morrow
Technical Support Team

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