Thursday, May 27, 2010

Using Time Clock Software Over the Internet

We get a lot of questions from businesses regarding using their employee time clock software from different locations. Sometimes they've got a couple of stores across town, or maybe it's a dental group practicing in several different cities, and other times it's a small business owner wanting to do payroll from home. With all these scenarios, businesses are looking for the same thing: they want all their time clock program data available from a single, centralized place. I should be able to clock in at Store A, then drive across town and clock out at Store B and have all of my hours worked show on a single timecard software report. That's the advantage of using Virtual TimeClock software over the Internet.

There are 2 requirements for setting up a remote time clock:
  • Obtain a static IP address from your ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • Setup a port forward on your router

The key to remote access is to open a port on your router to allow remote time clock software clients to connect using the static IP address of your router. The router then sends the information to the time clock server. This is commonly known as 'port forwarding'. For information on setting up a port forward, take a look at the user's guide that came with your router, call your ISP, or visit helpful websites like

Server Location Setup
  1. Launch your Virtual TimeClock Server app and note the TCP IP address and port in use by the time clock software on your network.
  2. Access your router configuration settings and note the WAN static IP address assigned by your ISP.
  3. Setup a new port forward on your router using the IP address and port noted in number 1 above.

Remote Location Setup
  1. Install and launch your Virtual TimeClock Pro Client app.
  2. From the File menu, choose Connect Manually To Server.
  3. Enter the WAN IP address and port, then click Connect.

More detailed information about using network time clock software over the Internet can be found on our website.

Jeff Morrow
Time and Attendance Specialist

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