Thursday, May 6, 2010

PC Time Clock Software Backups

The importance of backing up your time clock software data can't be overstated. If your computer or hard drive crashes, we can help get you up and running again in just a few minutes if you have a recent backup of your time clock database. Otherwise, you'll be starting a new database from scratch. This means adding all your users again and manually entering timecard entries for the punches that were lost.

Your Virtual TimeClock software has a built-in backup utility that allows you to easily setup a scheduled or repeating backup. We've even got backup instructions to help you out. There's one thing you need to be aware of if you're running Virtual TimeClock Network Edition on Windows. Your backup may fail if you're attempting to backup to a mapped drive or shared folder. That's because the Virtual TimeClock Server background service is performing the backup, not the server manager GUI program where you select the backup folder. And the default login account for Windows services doesn't have access to shares.

The following solution works for shares only, it will not work with mapped drives or shortcuts.

  1. Create a shared backup folder according to your version of Windows.
  2. Make sure the logon user account has permissions to the shared backup folder.
  3. Launch Virtual TimeClock Server and choose the shared backup folder from the Backup panel.
  4. Set your backup schedule and save the settings.
  5. Open Windows Services and select the Virtual TimeClock Server service.
  6. Open the Properties of the service and click the Log On tab.
  7. The Log on needs to be tied to the logon user account and password, and not the default Local System Account.
  8. Stop and restart the service to allow the new logon name to take affect.
  9. Launch Virtual TimeClock Server again and click the Backup Now button from the Backup panel to test.

This logon assignment must be made each time the Virtual TimeClock Server service is reinstalled (typically, due to upgrades or troubleshooting).

It's so easy to make sure your time and attendance software data is safe, don't wait until it's too late!

Jeff Morrow

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