Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Time Clock Software Security

Virtual TimeClock password protection is easy to use, yet robust enough to control access to most of the time clock program features. With separate worker and management settings, you can pretty much adapt Virtual TimeClock to any business environment. Security also works in conjunction with display groups to manage workers by department or location. We've got detailed instructions for setting up and assigning display groups on our website.

We get asked a lot if there's a way to temporarily disable password protection on just one PC or Mac computer time clock, without shutting it off for everyone. This is especially true when a time clock software administrator needs to perform several administrative functions within a short period of time. Normally, as administrative users switch from modifying timecards, closing payroll periods, printing monthly management reports, and performing other time and attendance activities, they're required to enter their password for access to each new function. Putting the time clock in administrative mode allows you to perform all of these functions, and more, with only one password entry.

To enter administrative mode, choose Enter Administrative Mode from the Tools menu and enter your time clock administrator password.

'ADMINISTRATIVE MODE' will now be displayed in red at the bottom of your time clock window. Now you can move around your time clock without being encumbered by multiple password entries.

To reactivate password protection, choose Exit Administrative Mode from the Tools menu and click the Continue button. Password protection will also be enabled again when you quit and restart your time clock software.

Jeff Morrow

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