Thursday, August 2, 2012

Time Clock Assistance & Support

A lot of customers tell us that Virtual TimeClock is one of the easiest time clock systems they've ever used. We've worked really hard behind the scenes to make it that way. But sometimes you may need help, like when moving your time clock to a new computer or setting up vacation tracking. Here are our current time clock support options.

Introductory Support
All new software licenses automatically come with 30 days of introductory support. We can help you get the software installed, configured, and make it through a couple of payroll periods.

Annual Support
You can extend tech support out for a full year and receive all software updates by enrolling your licenses in our Software Maintenance and Support program for a small fee. Contact a member of our technical support team for enrollment details.

Pay Per Call
You can also purchase a one-time support incident as needed. Contact a member of our technical support team for pricing and priority assistance. We can hep you decide whether it's more cost effective to purchase a support incident or upgrade your time clock software.

Self Help
Our website has a bunch of self help options. You can download training guides and documentation, view frequently asked questions, and search our current support blog.

If you find that you do need us, Redcort Software has a friendly, knowledgable, California based technical support team that's ready to answer your employee time clock questions. Go to the Help menu of your time clock program and choose Technical Support Resources to contact a member of our technical support team. You can also reach us toll free at 1-888-207-0005.

Technical Support Team

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