Thursday, May 3, 2012

Time Clock Software Maintenance and Support

What are the advantages of Virtual TimeClock Software Maintenance & Support?

This optional program provides long term, economical, and uninterrupted operation of your time clock software. In other words, it’s a cost effective way to make sure your Virtual TimeClock is always up-to-date. It’s renewed on a yearly basis, so there are no surprise costs for updates, data file repair services, or technical support.

So just what does this mean to you as a customer?

  • It means you'll receive personalized service from trusted, knowledgeable support specialists, who are familiar with your time clock software product and ready to help resolve issues over the phone, email or via live chat.
  • It means you'll receive regular software updates that you can download conveniently from our website if and whenever you want at no additional charge.
  • It means you'll receive our monthly information filled 'Tips & Tricks Newsletter' with helpful hints and ideas on using Virtual TimeClock in real world business situations. 
  • Most importantly,  it means getting answers when you need them from our expert technical support team.

Technical Support Team
Redcort Software, Inc.

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