Thursday, February 2, 2012

Silent and Unattended Time Clock Installation

Occasionally we get asked about ways to speed up the installation process on Windows. It's usually when someone has a lot of time clock clients to install because of a new license purchase or upgrade. The standard time clock software Setup Wizard requires a minimal degree of user interaction, but clicking the Next button half a dozen times on 50 computers can certainly add up! I went to one of my engineers and demanded (well, actually I asked quite politely) for some tools to help speed up the installs for our Windows network time clock users. They showed me a couple of ways.

The Virtual TimeClock installer can be run from a command line and accepts some parameters to assist in scripted installation.

Silent Install
A silent install doesn't show the standard Setup Wizard, but it does display the installation progress window. When installing the Pro Client, the command will look something like this:

Very Silent Install
A very silent install doesn't show the standard Setup Wizard or the installation progress window. The command will look something like this:

In either case, any error messages that occur during installation are still displayed.

Technical Support Team
Redcort Software, Inc.

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