Thursday, February 24, 2011

Preparing Employee Hours for Payroll

One of the main reasons businesses invest in employee time clock software is to help them cut down on the amount of time and effort spent processing payroll. A good time clock program will automatically total employee hours and overtime based on your business rules. Those hours can then be easily entered or imported into your payroll software, or sent over to your accountant or payroll service. Processing payroll is just one of the steps of closing out a payroll period in Virtual TimeClock. Here are the others:

  • Review employee timecards
  • Edit employee hours
  • Process payroll
  • Close payroll period

If you've never processed a payroll period, you'll want to verify your payroll settings first. Go to the Tools menu and choose Payroll Period. The first setting determines the first day of the work week for calculating weekly totals on timecard reports. The second setting determines your payroll period cycle.

Closing the period will automatically advance the current period starting and ending dates to the next payroll period based on these payroll cycle settings. We've got complete end-of-period instructions as part of the free time clock software resources available on our website.

Jeff Morrow
Technical Support Team

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