Friday, January 7, 2011

New Time Clock Software Clients

If you've purchased new Virtual TimeClock software clients, or you need to reinstall your time clock client software, then you'll want to make sure you download the correct version of the software for your registered time clock licenses. Clients must be on the same version as the time clock software server in order to successfully connect. It's easy to check what version you need by going to one of your existing clients.

On Mac, go to the Virtual TimeClock menu and choose About Virtual TimeClock. On Windows, go to the Help menu and choose About Virtual TimeClock.

In the above example, you'd be using Virtual TimeClock '10 Release 2. If you need to install an older version of your time clock software, we have releases going back several years on the time clock software download archives section of our website.

Jeff Morrow
Technical Support Team

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