Friday, November 19, 2010

Time Clock Software Administrators

Some time clock software administrators may only use the time clock program infrequently because there may be another time clock administrator who oversees day-to-day time clock operations, or some of the routine functions like editing timecards or processing payroll has been delegated to a manager. Here are two security related items that directly impact time clock administrators.

Forgotten administrative password
There's no master or system password in Virtual TimeClock because every password belongs to a specific user account for auditing purposes. If you are a time clock administrator who's forgotten your administrator level password, give us a call and we can help you gain access to the program once again.

Administrative mode
Administrative mode is a great tool for performing all your employee time clock software tasks with a single password entry. Go to the Tools menu and choose Administrative Mode. Enter your password to disable security on just that time clock. When you're all done, go back to the Tools menu and choose Exit Administrative Mode or just quit your time clock to restore local security.

Maggie Hofer
Customer Service Team

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