Thursday, September 2, 2010

Moving Virtual TimeClock Made Easy

Moving employee time clocks can seem intimidating at first, especially when you don't know the first step. You may find it necessary to move your computer time clock to another computer that offers more convenient access to all your employees, like a break room or employee entrance. Or you may need to move your time clock software to a different computer because of hardware failure or personnel changes.

Here's a quick overview:
  1. If you're moving Virtual TimeClock Pro or your Virtual TimeClock Server, you'll need to make a backup of your database.
  2. After creating the backup file, you'll need a method of transporting your database file to the new computer, like a USB flash drive.
  3. Download your edition of Virtual TimeClock onto the new computer and restore the database.
  4. Activate your software license on the new computer.

We've got detailed instructions for moving employee time clock software on our website, including what to do if hardware failure prevents you from creating a backup file.

Moving is not so bad, especially when you don't have to pack any boxes!

Maggie Hofer
Customer Service

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