Thursday, July 1, 2010

Reviewing Your Time Clock Software Preferences

There are many advantages that employee time clock software has over mechanical punch clocks. One of those advantages is the ability to create a unique user experience for each employee, or group of employees that uses the time clock. This is accomplished through program preferences. It's a good idea to review your time clock software program preferences so you can match your office workflow with the exact look and feel you want.

You can access your time clock program preferences from the Virtual TimeClock menu on Apple Macintosh OS X computers and from the Edit menu on Microsoft Windows computers. The time clock program preferences control how the worker information in your main time clock window is displayed, what menu items and toolbar buttons are available, and what sounds your time clock software makes. For your convenience, Virtual TimeClock will remember your custom settings between each program run.

Display Columns
We often get asked about hiding worker information on computer time clock stations that are available for company wide access. Many times, business owners don't want employees to know the status of other employees, or the times that they're coming and going. In that case, you can just remove the Date, Status, and Time columns in the TimeClock panel of Preferences.

Toolbar Buttons
By removing certain toolbar buttons that you don't use, you can create an easy to use time clock that just allows workers to clock in and out. You can even adjust the size of the main time clock window to create a time clock program that can run unobtrusively in the corner of your computer monitor. Toolbar buttons can be removed in the User Access panel of Preferences.

So go ahead and experiment with creating custom time clock program displays. And since the program preferences are local settings, each computer time clock in your organization can have a unique time clock display to enhance the user experience and adapt to your workflow needs.

Jeff Morrow
Time Clock Software Support Specialist

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