Thursday, April 22, 2010

Adding Time Clock Software Users

Virtual TimeClock software users include anyone who uses and manages the time clock. This includes employees who actually use the time clock to punch in and out, managers who need to monitor their worker's activities, and time clock administrators who have access to all time clock functions. Here's how to quickly add a new user.

First Step: Create a new user record
From the Lists menu, choose Users. Click the + button beneath the list of existing users. The last and first name are the only required pieces of information. The other fields are optional and can be useful when printing employee telephone or contact lists. Click Save.

Second Step: Assign an overtime rule to the user
Since you're still in the new user record you just created, click on the Wages tab. This is where overtime rules are assigned to each individual worker. Select the appropriate rule from the Overtime drop-down list and click Save. You can close the Users window now.

Third Step: Have the new user create their password
Select the new user's name in the main time clock window. Now from the Tools menu, choose Change Password. Leave the Old Password field blank because there isn't one. Now enter the new password and confirm it before clicking Change.

Fourth Step: Add the new user to your export
If you export your timecard data for analysis or payroll processing, then you'll need to add the new user to your export. From the File menu, choose Export. Select the export you use and then click the name of the new user to check them off for inclusion in the export. The settings will automatically be saved when you close the window.

Refer to the User's Guide for your Virtual TimeClock software for instructions on importing new users into your time and attendance software.

Jeff Morrow

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